Wolff-Gatoux Coaching, Counseling and Consultation - Lighting a Path of Success for Children, Families and Adults
Providing intuitively and empirically based learning, organizational, and psychological tools to children, adolescents, families, and adults in order to nurture a love of life and learning in all
Life and learning should be empowering, inspiring, and instill a sense of fulfillment in those who engage in the process.  When individual learning and work styles are understood and tools geared towards those styles are applied to academic or work related tasks, life tasks and learning come with ease.  When confusion arises, it stems from a misunderstanding of individual application strategies.  My goal is to assist individuals towards uncovering the tools within oneself to ease the learning process, develop into a life-long learner, and appreciate one's unique and skillful approach towards life tasks.
Knowledge gained allows one the freedom to grow and make wise decisions for his or her own benefit, as well as another's well being.  Know that each person develops his or her own individual understanding of what he or she gleans from various sources.  What is beautiful about each one of us is our own unique interpretation of that knowledge gleaned.  Remember that one's interpretation teaches others something about themselves.  Never be afraid to share an interpretation and approach with others.  Such knowledge is a gift to all.
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